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Hi, friends. My name is Richard Sandström, a dog-lover, Harry Potter-fanatic and a professional drummer from Sweden. Welcome to THE DRUM SET REVOLUTION!

I'm a drummer that is constantly on tour, playing both national and international gigs. When I'm not on the road playing live shows, I'm often recording drums for bands and artists in my drum studio, or giving a drum lesson to a student, or of course practicing myself.

The reason why I created THE DRUM SET REVOLUTION is because of my love for drumming and music. Maybe you recognize yourself?  THE DRUM SET REVOLUTION is the result of thousands of hours practicing and hundreds of drum students being teached by me. That way, I have gotten a clear way of seeing what works for both me and others. THE DRUM SET REVOLUTION mix art & science together, and is created to be the modern drummer's online school. 

My hopes are that as a member of the site, you will feel inspired, motivated and see clear progress in your playing. I would be honored if you tried the site out. I truly believe you would love it.

Hope to see you in the members area.

All the best,

Richard Sandström


Richard at a live show in APOLLO LIVE CLUB in Helsinki.


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