Increase your practicing results on a daily basis

The Practice Log is a fillable eBook (PDF) that can be used on all devices.

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Here's why Thomas Lang recommends The Practice Log

"This book is a perfect tool for all musicians to streamline their practicing. It will help you focus your practice, work with goals in mind and practice more efficiently. The book sets you up to pursue your ambitions with a clear plan and a proven method.

If you ever felt that your approach to practicing was too random and disorganized, then you need Richard Sandström’s The Practice Log to increase your practicing results on a daily basis."

- Thomas Lang

Winner of Best Clinician/Educator in Modern Drummer Magazine, 2018 poll.

Your Practicing - Simplified, Structured & With Your Own Goals In Mind. 


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"The Practice Log comes as a fillable PDF and can be used on all devices. You will get immediate access to the eBook after you’ve bought it. The Practice Log is made to log 1 year of your practicing. Buy once, use it for 1 year, then copy it and use it for the rest of your musical life. "

- Richard Sandström (Professional drummer & Author of THE PRACTICE LOG)

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What's Included in The Practice Log?

All The Tools You Need To Plan, Follow & Evaluate Your Practicing & Progress

The idea of this book wouldn’t leave my mind. I kept thinking about drummers wasting so much time and energy when it comes to their practicing, and ending up feeling frustrated about themselves and their lack of progress — waste that could have been prevented if these drummers had a method on how to organize their practicing.

This book is created to be your closest ally in your quest to develop as a musician. To work hard on something you love can be a daunting task – it can sometimes feel like you have so much to lose if things do not go according to plan. After all, it is your passion we are talking about.

To make this interesting and challenging journey as clear and easy as possible, we all need help. When you work backwards by first identifying your goals and then make a plan on how to reach those goals, you will have a blueprint to success. In this case, success means to reach the goals YOU have set up for yourself. It’s hard to imagine a greater goal than that.

The beauty of the way this book works is that you not only plan your practice schedule before you go to the practice room, you will also get the chance to evaluate your progress from week to week. Over a longer period of time, this will give you the opportunity to discover patterns in your practicing. You will then have all the tools you need to make as much progress as possible. That’s the whole point with this book. That it will help you stay motivated, reach your goals and become the player you want to become.

What works for you and what does not? Let’s find out.

- Richard Sandström
Professional drummer & Author of THE PRACTICE LOG

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