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The Drum Set Revolution is an online drum lesson site that helps passionate drummers practice more efficiently & play with more expression and facility.

The Drum Set Revolution is an online membership site. When you join, you will get immediate access to the big lesson library of video lessons, eBooks, drum notation of exercises, play-along tracks and practice tracks. A new lesson is added every month.

First of all: A Drum Solo


Don’t just practice more - Practice Smarter

Does any of this sound familiar? You want to become better. You put in hours every week, but don’t really see the results you wish for in your playing. There’s just too much STUFF to practice, and it seems impossible to fit it all in with your daily routines. You often feel unmotivated, and despite looking at hundreds of YouTube clips with your favorite drummers and their lessons - you don’t feel that much wiser.

The Reality

The truth is that there is AMAZING free content out there. Many times by world-class players. But that’s what it is: Content. Scattered out in pieces. Not a full blown personal plan for YOU. One of your favorite drummers may say something that another one opposes. There’s too many contradicting sources, and gathering 100 drummers on one site doesn’t help that much, exactly because of that reason.

The Journey

I’ve taken inspiration from so many amazing drummers over the years, and I’ve learnt so much from them. And of course still continue to learn - from both players and/or teachers. But in all my years as a player and drum teacher, I haven’t seen a guide that takes you, the student, in full consideration. It doesn’t matter how incredible the exercises are, if you spend your time on them in the wrong order. If you don’t have a clear goal with your playing, how can you really know what to practice? This is where the lesson library on The Drum Set Revolution comes in.

"I've learned how to structure my practicing and can now focus at the topics I need to improve. I'm already noticing significant results in my playing."


"YES! You have given me a way of practicing where I understand, and my brain actually keeps up!!!!"


The Drum Lesson Library & Your Success Path: A 5-Step Plan

Below you can read about the exciting lessons that you immediately get access to as a member. In The Drum Set Revolution, we follow the steps below. This way you’ll know exactly what to do next. New lessons are added every month.

STEP 1) How the Brain takes up Information

If we don't have a basic idea of how the brain works, we really can't get the most out of our practice sessions. Practice can be fun, hard & rewarding at the same time. How the brain works is a hugely overlooked area for drummers.


STEP 2) How to Organize Your Practicing

Imagine if you had a guide on how to become the player you want to become. That’s the mission of your practice plan.

On The Drum Set Revolution, we use a VERY systematic approach to practicing. You will know WHAT to practice, HOW to practice, and in what ORDER. What a great feeling!

STEP 3) The Art of Practicing

How should we drummers practice? This is often a forgotten topic in music education, but it's super important. There's no need to practice, if it doesn't take you from point A to B.


STEP 4) Your Vocabulary

Based on the previous steps (your practice plan) you will dive into the lessons that you need at the moment. In the big lesson library, there are lessons about rhythmic concepts, coordination systems, hand & foot technique, groove techniques.... and SO MUCH MORE. 

As your playing and goals develop, you will change the lessons you are prioritizing. 

All of the lessons in the lessons in the library are available for all members to watch, if you want inspiration from lessons that you're not currently working on.

STEP 5) Personal Feedback

One important part of The Drum Set Revolution, is to not leave you on your own. If you want feedback on your playing or have a question about drumming or practicing, I'm here to help you.

As a member of The Drum Set Revolution, here’s some things you’ll learn:

  • How to practice efficiently and with a goal in mind.
  • ”The Technique Boost” - A way of practicing technique that beats anything else I’ve tried (…and I have experimented with technique practice for thousands of hours).
  • How to build exciting drum set vocabulary from simple rhythms.
  • A systematic approach to coordination that will free up your playing.
  • How rhythm works, and how you can manipulate it to create excitement.
  • How to build a rich drum lick vocabulary, and not just copy licks.
  • How to spice up your grooves by using certain techniques.
  • How to practice with a metronome in fun and challenging ways, that will develop a deep understanding of timing.
  • How to use your voice to help develop a deep connection with your playing.
  • How to evaluate your practicing and playing, so that you KNOW that you make progress.

….and much more.

Pricing Options

You can join The Drum Set Revolution for the price of two pizzas every month (or a couple of coffees).










There is a 14-Day Free Trial when you become a member. This means that if you cancel your membership before the 14 days has passed by, you won’t pay anything. Either it will change the way you practice and play, or you simply cancel, pay nothing and move on.

To cancel your free trial: Click on your "Settings" tab in your profile and simply choose "Cancel membership". 

"This book is a perfect tool for all musicians to streamline their practicing. It will help you focus your practice, work with goals in mind and practice more efficiently. The book sets you up to pursue your ambitions with a clear plan and a proven method. If you ever felt that your approach to practicing was too random and disorganized, then you need Richard Sandström’s The Practice Log to increase your practicing results on a daily basis."

Thomas Lang about The Practice Log
Winner of Best Clinician/Educator in Modern Drummer Magazine

Your Future

Imagine knowing exactly what to practice and to feel your playing growing more expressive.

As a member of this site, my goal is that you will feel confident in your practicing and playing, fall deep in love with playing this beautiful instrument, and that you will get closer to your dreams and goals each week.

It won’t always be a walk in the park. But if you follow the steps, it will work.

If this sounds like something for you - you can start the trial and try it out. Or keep going on your own.

Either way: I wish you the best of luck on your musical journey.

Take care!



Frequently Asked Questions

Being a paying member gives you access to all the content in the lesson library. This includes video lessons, eBooks, notations, practice tracks and programmed click tracks. You also have the option to get personal feedback on your practicing and playing.

Your trial period is 14 days. This means that if you cancel your membership before the 14 days has passed by, you won’t pay anything.

While logged in: Click on your "Settings" tab in your profile and simply choose "Cancel membership". 

As a member, you have 24/7 access to all lessons. You can watch them as many times as you want.

The eBook & notations can be downloaded. Video lessons can only be streamed - not downloaded.

Whichever card you entered when you initially purchased your subscription will be charged automatically every 30 days (for monthly memberships) or every 365 days (for yearly memberships).

You can cancel your membership at any time.

It depends on your goals & dreams as a drummer. As a general rule, I recommend that you at least practice for 3o minutes, 5 times each week, to see noticeable results in your playing.

All levels and ages are welcome. Before signing up, I recommend that you have a basic understanding of technique and groove. Therefore, if you're a beginner - I strongly recommend studying at least a year with a drum teacher before signing up at The Drum Set Revolution.

Go to https://www.thedrumsetrevolution.com/login and click on "Forgot Password" and simply follow the steps.

Sure! Email me and I'll get back to you:

[email protected]

As a member, you can also write directly in the comment section on every lesson. 

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When you become a member at The Drum Set Revolution, you get immediate access to your personal app that works on all devices. Here you can watch all your drum lessons. As long as you're a member of the site, you'll have access to the lessons.


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