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Your Practice Plan

Imagine if you had a guide on how to become the player you want to become. That’s the mission of your practice plan.

To plan your practice schedule before you go to the practice room, evaluate your progress from day to day, week to week. Over a longer period of time, this will give you the opportunity to discover patterns in your practicing. In other words; Learning the art of practicing.

How To Practice Efficiently

How should we drummers practice? This is often a forgotten topic in music education, but it's super important. There's no need to practice, if it doesn't take you from point A to B.

On The Drum Set Revolution, we use a VERY systematic approach to practicing. You will know that you are constantly evolving as a drummer. You will know WHAT to practice, HOW to practice, and in what ORDER. What a great feeling!

Rhythm - What It Is & The Endless Possibilities 

What is rhythm and how does it work? How do you lay a foundation to understand polyrhythms, odd time signatures, note values? This very easy to break down, because rhythm can be broken down to simple math.

Technique - Your Musical Toolbox

Great technique give us the ability to our musical ideas with comfort and ease, delivering the same result every time. Who doesn't want that? 

In the members area, we go through HOW to practice technique without wasting precious time. 

I'm eager to show you what I call "The Technique Boost" - a method of practicing technique that surpasses all other ways I've tried.

Coordination - A Drummer's Best Friend

Coordination/interdependence is easily one of the most important topics for us drummers. It doesn't matter if you're playing a beautiful drum part in your head, if you can't coordinate your limbs to play what's in your head.

Once again, we will use a very systematic approach to practicing, that will (with no doubt) be VERY challenging for both mind and body. 

Groove & Fill Vocabulary

In this section we go through TONS of ways to spice up grooves and fills around often simple rhythmical structures. The end result however, can sound anything but simple. 

I love this way of teaching vocabulary, it leads to very enjoyable, exciting and musical results. FULL of sprinkled chili flakes on your playing, I must add!

Sounds & Recording Techniques

In today's era of drumming and recording, you can get professional drum sounds without spending a ton of money on gear. What you do need though, is knowledge and a good ear. 

In this section we go through drum tuning, mic placements and other recording techniques. We also dive into creative sounds we can get when using different techniques.

Musicality & Creativity

What is the point of having all these abilities, if we can't make music with them? In this section of the The Drum Set Revolution, we go through how to add energy to songs, how to come up with drum parts, how to create interesting contrasts in the music you're playing etc.

Personal Feedback

One important part of The Drum Set Revolution, is to not leave you on your own. If you want feedback on your playing or have a question about drumming or practicing, I'm here to help you.

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